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Case Study: Tyvek® HomeWrap® Website – 2003

A leader in home improvement and protection turns to a leader in custom website design and development.


Tyvek HomeWrap Design


A website without a custom design is like home without insulation, cold and unpleasant. When DuPont® needed a corporate website for their Tyvek HomeWrap® weatherization system, custom was the only way to go. With a range of information to include, from Tyvek® advantages and case histories to various siding choices and energy analysis examples, a templated website wouldn't be enough to showcase all Tyvek® has to offer in an easy-to-navigate platform. The client was also focused on creating a search engine optimized website to attract visitors to the site to learn more about the weatherization systems.


As a leader in custom website design and development, with professional website graphic designers and search engine marketing and optimization specialists in-house, DDA was able to provide a full-range of services to fulfill all of the client's needs. The Tyvek HomeWrap® Weatherization System needed a corporate identity and online exposure to contractors and homeowners alike. Custom web graphics were needed to give the site both an eye-catching and interactive experience and search engine optimized (SEO) web copywriting was needed to inform and attract visitors to the site.


Starting with a search engine marketing strategy, DDA built a custom website that not only provides important product information, but attracts visitors in need of this product. DDA's custom design includes a comprehensive menu structure that is easy to navigate from product information to contact information. The custom graphic design also features a roll-over preview of the different types of siding available. When copywriting search engine optimized (SEO) web content, DDA writers made sure to research key terms a visitor would be searching for, related to DuPont and the Tyvek HomeWrap® Weatherization System.



DDA created a custom corporate website for DuPont that highlighted the high-quality exterior home siding in wood & cedar, fiber cement, aluminum and vinyl. Combining the unparalleled expertise of DDA's website design, development, and promotion services with the well-known DuPont® name created a corporate identity for the Tyvek HomeWrap® Weatherization System that gained them additional online success.