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Case Study: Art Stone Costumes Website – 2000

Art Stone Costumes takes dance wear “to a new level” with a DDA-developed, optimized website that will take Art Stone to new heights.




Bold. Eye-catching. Alluring. These describe the kinds of apparel Art Stone Costumes provides for dancers in order for them to stand out on stage and complement their routine. Art Stone desired an online presence that matched the characteristics of their costumes and would not only please the eye, but also attract more traffic to their corporate website.


As a website design and development company that provides custom graphic design and search engine optimized (SEO) copywriting services, Dynamic Digital Advertising not only knows how to deliver alluring websites through an eye-catching design, but we also specialize in search engine marketing strategies, such as writing keyword-rich content, to drive traffic to the site through major search engines, like Google. DDA would provide these services to Art Stone Costumes in order for their site to be both visually-pleasing and effective in gaining traffic and informing visitors.


he bold design DDA created included a black background to enhance the intrigue of the brilliant image that’s featured on the home page. Two black and white full body costumes, with pops of blue color, really catch the eye and entice visitor to learn more. Art Stone Costumes wanted this website to have a flair for the dramatic and DDA delivered with a hint of glamour to complement the theme of showbiz and entertainment. In order to develop an organic search engine optimized (SEO) website with keyword-rich content, DDA professional copywriters researched the targeted words that visitors would use to find a company like Art Stone Costumes. Through the strategic placement of these keywords throughout the site, DDA would help to drive in targeted website traffic and attract potential clients from all over the web.



By developing a website integrating DDA’s award winning search engine marketing (SEM) strategies, including optimized design and content, Art Stone found more targeted traffic visiting their site, many of which became loyal clients of their services and products. Now, Art Stone is “taking costumes to a new level” with an optimized website that will take their company to new heights.