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Case Study: Dumond Chemicals – Website Redesign – 2011

The redesigned website for Dumond Chemicals is now as user-friendly as their products.


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The original website for Dumond Chemicals was packed with information about their paint and graffiti removers; however, the architecture and organization of the site made it difficult to navigate. A design overhaul was needed to organize product information, including technical and safety data with how-to videos, press materials, and retailer information in one engaging, attractive, and easy-to-use site. Also, it was critical that it appeal to both homeowners and professionals alike. With new product packaging, Dumond also needed professional digital photography, as well as an easier way for users to locate the store closest to them that carries the product.


The goal was to build an informative site and include all the product data necessary, but still keep it streamlined and easy to navigate. To make navigation even more user-friendly, the products would need to be grouped by category (paint removal, graffiti removal, cleaning, other), so those looking for paint removers don't need to scroll through any other products to find it. Search engine optimization was also an important factor in redesigning the site. Dumond already ranked high on Google for certain paint removal terms, but they needed to maintain their online status and make some improvements to make themselves even more widely known. DDA photographers were also tasked with shooting and editing close to 70 product shots, and the programming department was to create a Dumond database in-house, making it easier to search and edit the national dealer listings.


DDA not only provided Dumond with custom web redesign and development services, but also utilized DDA's professional digital photography studio for the commercial product photography. In designing the website, the needs of both targeted audiences, homeowners and professionals, were addressed in each of the four Dumond product categories. This way homeowners get the simple instructions they need to use the products safely and effectively in their home without wading through all the technical and safety information professionals need before starting large industrial projects, and vice versa. There are also pages dedicated to product videos, case studies, and press releases, all accessible through comprehensive product pages. DDA also highlighted Dumond's passion for environmentally-friendly products. On each product page, the specific "green" characteristic is marked with a special icon. Retailers of Dumond products are also easier to find now that the product icons appear in Dealer Locator section of the site. After entering a zip code, a list of stores, local to the visitor, appears with logos of the Dumond product that's available at that store.



The end result was one cohesive site, organized by product and target audience, which includes all important materials in an easy-to-use platform. The fresh product photos and newly integrated features give this custom site redesign the lift it needed. The client was so pleased they asked DDA to add a translate button to the site so users of any language can learn about the Dumond products.