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Case Study: ESCO Website Design and Development – 2000

DDA designed and developed a new arresting website for Engineered Arresting Systems Corporation (ESCO).




Engineered Arresting Systems Corporation (ESCO) provides various military departments with arresting systems, aircraft arresting gear, and energy absorption products. These products have been used in controlling the deceleration of aircrafts, such as the Space Shuttle, perimeter security, and more, saving lives for over seventy years with state-of-the-art technology. ESCO wanted a leading-edge website that was as innovative and reliable as their products, so they enlisted the services of Dynamic Digital Advertising, including their award-winning search engine marketing strategies and custom website design and development.


DDA had already programmed a database for ESCO’s military division, and now would design and develop a new corporate website. Once DDA had built a database that allowed ESCO to communicate efficiently with the Navy and other contractors, ESCO knew DDA was right for this new mission. DDA graphic designers would provide a variety of concepts for the client to choose from that best fit the ESCO brand.


DDA designed and developed a sleek new website for ESCO that featured the two areas the client wanted to focus on: military capabilities and commercial capabilities. These sections are front and center on the home page and set off the top menu to make for user-friendly navigation. The remainder of the site details ESCO’s history, contact information, and there’s even a section where a visitor can make a spares inquiry. ISO certification notices are posted clearly on the home page for easy reference along with ESCO’s straightforward marketing messages. This site is not weighed down by flashy text or graphics, and its simple yet bold design is just what the client desired.



This new corporate website presented ESCO Arresting Systems with a fresh online destination for those looking to learn about energy control for military and commercial needs.