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Case Study: Bulldog Barrels – Related Projects – 2006

One DDA-developed concept became the foundation of a company with both bark and bite.




In 2006, Bulldog Barrels was a start-up company looking to make their mark in the world of manufacturing firearm components. To kick-off their marketing campaign and set the foundation for their company, the owner requested that DDA design a logo to be modeled after his dog, a brindle bulldog. Production of a logo quickly progressed to the design and development of sell sheets, trade ads, trade show graphics, and a website.


Once the logo was approved, DDA would begin development on the additional print marketing materials, all consistently designed to promote the benefits of Bulldog Barrels. This culminated into the design and development of a search engine optimized website featuring marketing copy researched and written by the degreed copywriters of DDA.


To establish this company as a strong leader in their field, DDA took care to design a logo that fit the client’s needs as well as produce something that will last. When it comes to manufacturing firearm components, including blanks, barrels, bolts, and receivers, Bulldog Barrels mean business, and the marketing materials DDA produced for them proves just that.

After approval of the logo, DDA developed a series of sell sheets detailing the services that set Bulldog Barrels apart and emphasizing why one would outsource to the company. DDA copywriters crafted taglines and headers to highlight the main points and combined them with sharp marketing copy and the DDA-designed logo to complete these informative marketing material. When Bulldog Barrels wanted to promote their expertly manufactured firearm components in a popular trade publication, DDA followed publication specifications to create an ad that mirrored the messages established in the sell sheets to create another consistent and professional marketing piece.

An upcoming trade show sparked the need for attention-grabbing graphics that attracted attendees to the Bulldog Barrels booth. DDA designed the trade show graphic, which features the company's logo and contact information and details the company’s core competencies that were also described in the previously produced sell sheet and trade ad. The consistent marketing efforts not only promote the company's products and services to different audiences, but they also strengthen the campaign which is crucial for a start-up company.

With all the print materials produced for Bulldog Barrels, it was time to take the company online and broaden their customer base to the world wide web. Just like the previous undertakings, DDA's graphic designers developed a series of design concepts for the company to choose from. In addition to the established marketing messages, DDA copywriters also researched and wrote search engine optimized marketing copy to not only detail all the company has to offer, but to also attract visitors to the site by utilizing key terms they would use when searching the web for similar services. The website was the next level in the company’s corporate branding efforts to gain the attention of potential clients, investors, and colleagues. Of course, the new corporate website wouldn’t be the same without the Bulldog Barrel logo on its homepage.



The bulldog logo that started it all is more than just a logo, it has become the company's mascot. When Bulldog Barrels first came to DDA for promotional materials, the company was a start-up. Today, Bulldog Barrels is one of the largest independent manufacturers of firearm components, proving that the right marketing and promotional tools can be a crucial component to a company’s success.