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Case Study: Atlantic Gasket Corporation Website Redesign – 2006

Atlantic Gasket receives a continual stream of valuable leads with DDA’s website redesign.




Atlantic Gasket is a leading manufacturer of gaskets, die-cut parts, and other components for many industrial applications. In 2006, Atlantic Gasket found Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) when they were ready to improve the company website. The challenge for the website was two-fold: create a new online brand identity and maximize the search marketing potential. Not only did Atlantic Gasket want an updated look for their website, but they wanted the website to rank high on search engine results for key terms related to their business.


In addition to the challenges at hand, there were specific objectives for the website redesign. Namely, Atlantic Gasket wanted the website to be scalable over time so that it would grow as the business grew. Atlantic Gasket also wanted online forms for users to request a quote and/or product sample to help streamline the sales process. It was also important to Atlantic Gasket that the information presented be accurate and easily understood by those familiar with the industry, as well as those less familiar in search of a specific niche part that Atlantic Gasket could produce.


Not only did DDA provide a custom website design, but developed 40+ search engine optimized pages from on-site interviews and extensive keyword researchCustom programming services were provided by DDA to develop two online request quote/product sample forms. All user requests are sent by email to an Atlantic Gasket sales representative for follow-up. Beyond the search engine optimized pages produced, DDA’s writers generated glossary definitions to help those less informed understand important industry terms.



Since the site’s launch, Atlantic Gasket has received a continual stream of valuable leads that have allowed the company to grow their business steadily. In fact, Internet traffic from organic search engine marketing accounts for well over half of all their new business. After realizing the initial success search engine optimization (SEO) had on the business, Atlantic Gasket has continued to contract DDA’s SEO content development services in order to target key areas of the industry not previously pursued, achieve high rankings for relevant terms, and, in turn, expand the company’s manufacturing capabilities.