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Case Study: Aztec Products Website and Video – 2004

Custom video production and website development showcase a series of high-powered products.




Aztec Products is a leading manufacturer of high-powered floor maintenance machines, selling products to contractors located throughout the United States. To promote the company and their quality products, including their flagship product, the Sidewinder, Aztec Products contacted Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) to produce a number of online and digital media. DDA would need to design and develop a custom corporate website and integrate 360-degree product rotations to showcase a variety of featured Aztec products. DDA would also illustrate the Aztec Sidewinder for use in future print materials.


As a custom website design and development company with professional digital photography and video production services available, it’s no wonder why Aztec Products chose DDA for this marketing task. Not only would DDA deliver a search engine optimized website, but through the use of professional digital photography and state-of-the-art animation techniques, DDA would design 360-degree rotations of select Aztec products and integrate them into the website. In addition to designing the website, DDA artists would create a technical digital illustration of the Sidewinder to be featured in print materials.


After conducting a professional product photo shoot in DDA’s studio, DDA photographers edited the high-resolution photographs and utilized virtual product spin and stitching techniques to create multiple product rotations, each with a smooth range of motion and intuitive interactive controls. These product spins showcase each side of the featured product and make for a more interactive experience since customers can control how the product is displayed. Once the product spins were complete, they were integrated into the website that DDA also designed and developed. DDA copywriters aided in the search engine marketing efforts by researching keywords related to the products and industry and adding this SEO content to the website.



The digital illustration was later used in product manuals and monthly Aztec newsletters sent to customers to promote the machine. DDA embedded the 360-degree rotations in Aztec's website where they download quickly and easily for seamless viewing across major operating systems, browsers, and mobile devices.