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Case Study: MPL Responsive SEO Website with Drone & 360° Videos – 2019

The newly redesigned responsive MPL website features original DDA-authored SEO content, two drone video trailers, a new company video, and four 360-degree videos for an exceptional introduction to the company's contract manufacturing services.


MPL Responsive SEO Website with Drone & 360° Video


MPL understood the positive business impact having a professional search engine marketing platform can have on one's business, having had worked with DDA to create the first MPL website in 2011. While the design continued to look and feel fresh on desktops, laptops, and tablets at the end of the decade, it became increasingly important to serve those searching from a mobile device, especially as Google began to demerit websites that did not have a smartphone-optimized option. Understanding the powerful results they could expect, MPL turned again to DDA to modernize the website and help it compete even more effectively in the new mobile-dominated online environment, where over 50$ of all web searcches happen on smartphones.


The website would use a responsive website design, which automatically scales to present optimally in all browsers and to all devices and screen sizes, from desktops and laptops to tablets and smartphones in both portrait and landscape orientation. This allows for a singular website design to serve multiple audiences, reducing initial development time as well as future maintenance compared to creating a separate website for just smartphone users and those on other similarly small devices. MPL also wanted to take the opportunity to create a stronger visual presentation. DDA would do this by creating a long singular homepage design with headline marketing messages that can be quickly reviewed to summarize all of MPL's business. DDA would also integrate new DDA-produced aerial drone and 360-degree videos, plus a new introductory company video accessible from the menu. The new website would also include 20 pages of new search engine optimized content written by DDA's own professional SEO copywriters to further strengthen the SEO value of the website and help it compete effectively for future searches.


The new website has a bold, clean layout with prominent marketing messages scrolling down a long homepage that offer a quick introduction to everything MPL does. The new MPL homepage includes a new introductory company video featuring brand new aerial drone video shot both outside the MPL campuses as well as in their individual manufacturing centers, along with additional video of staff and manufacturing processes. DDA also included interactive 360-degree videos on the homepage and internal pages that allow the user to see MPL manufacturing operations from a real-world perspective that can be rotated around a central viewpoint for a truly immersive experience.

DDA worked with MPL to identify important terms that people would use to search for MPL's medical contract manufacturing services, including both the services themselves, the types of products they create, the equipment they use to produce their products, their cGMP compliance, and their laboratories for quality assurance of both their manufacturing environments and the manufacturing processes themselves used for each contract. DDA's professional SEO experts then researched these terms to see which keyword search strings would be most effective in attracting the attention of MPL's target customers. From this research, DDA developed a content development plan identifying how to structure SEO content with keyword-rich long-tail search strings to best capture searches from the web. From this, DDA's professional copywriters wrote over 20 new SEO pages on MPL's product offerings, services, equipment, laboratory processes, and more. The MPL website also includes a robust New Product Request Form that captures all the information MPL needs to provide an estimate to prospective customers for particular contract manufacturing jobs based on product type, volume, timeline, and other factors.



The final MPL website is a bold, fresh presentation of the MPL brand, offering a comprehensive survey of all its products and services with captivating new aerial drone and 360-degree videos and detailed SEO content that positions the company effectively for future growth in online lead aquisition. MPL offered a striking tribute upon the launch of the new site: "A huge thank you to you and the DDA team for your patience and guidance throughout the process.  It has always been a pleasure working with you and we look forward to improving the site over time and continuing our relationship."