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Case Study: Acrymax Technologies Website – 2011

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Even the most impressive of websites will fail to make an impact on your business’s bottom line if it cannot be found by its target audience. Acrymax Technologies, a manufacturer of high-performance coating systems, recognized this reality and for this reason chose DDA when it came time to redevelop their corporate website. As an award-winning SEO company, Acrymax knew DDA was just the agency to deliver on the promise of performance, creating a stellar site design guaranteed to be seen.


In development of, DDA would embark on a comprehensive search engine optimization program, writing keyword-rich pages of content that generated traffic, while providing site visitors with a vast resource of product information.  DDA’s staff of professional graphic artists explored multiple design possibilities to arrive at an end aesthetic that complemented Acrymax Technologies’ line of flexible, water-based coating solutions. As a whole, DDA aimed to create a site that was an online destination for Acrymax Technologies’ key audience of construction, aerospace, marine, and industrial industries.


DDA wrote over 30 pages of search engine optimized content for Acrymax Technologies.  Each page was structured around a specific set of keywords that were derived after an extensive research effort into the company’s target audience and how they search. The DDA developed content is presented within an organized site structure crafted by experienced web masters. The fluid lines of the site design immediately inspire patriotic feelings and emphasize the fluid nature of the product line, thanks to a red, white and blue color palette and curving design flourishes. Additional site features include a search by keyword utility and blog system, both custom-programmed by DDA staff.



Launched in 2011, has achieved its goal, providing Acrymax with a polished and professional web presence that is found by an audience in search of flexible high-performance coating systems.