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Case Study: Outdoor Billboard Design for Grand Strand Urology – 2005

Coming to a highway near you: DDA creates memorable outdoor billboards that could stop traffic.




As vehicles travel across highways and other major roads, the passengers take in the sites around them, including outdoor advertising. At speeds of about 60 mph, there’s not a lot of time to read these advertisements; therefore, billboards need to quickly catch attention and deliver a company’s message. When Grand Strand Urology in Myrtle Beach wanted to attract new patients to their South Carolina (SC) locations, they wanted to add billboard advertising to their marketing campaign, but they needed assistance carrying out the project.


Dynamic Digital Advertising answered the call and would not only offer graphic design and copywriting services, but they used their expertise in driving traffic to ensure commuters in South Carolina would become familiar with Grand Strand Urology and contact them for the latest in prostate cancer treatment.


Taking into consideration the ins and outs of large-format outdoor advertising, including traffic exposure figures, memorable slogans, and eye-catching visuals, DDA Medical developed a series of large format graphics for Grand Strand Urology to use as outdoor billboards. DDA has years of experience creating large-format graphics for use in both indoor and outdoor advertising. For this project, DDA graphic designers created a series of three billboards that would draw the eye of any passing motorist. DDA copywriters crafted simple, memorable, and straightforward messages for the billboards, and combined with the attractive graphic design, this series of outdoor adverts not only increased awareness about the dangers of prostate cancer, but also showcased the locations and contact information for Grand Strand Urology’s South Carolina offices.



DDA helped Grand Strand Urology understand the issues involved with outdoor advertising, including using the right board, designing the right visuals, writing succinct content, and generating results that drive traffic to an organization and impacting the bottom line.