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Case Study: DDA in 60 Seconds

This fast-paced, animation-based marketing video was created by DDA to introduce its many divisions and services.


DDA in 60 Seconds


DDA had been ramping up its abilities in interactive and digital media of all kinds. DDA had grown substantially over its 15 years since its founding in 2009, continuing to add new capabilities that allowed the company to offer a broader and deeper pool of design, production, and development services than most. Despite this, many existing customers and new prospective customers tended to know only about one aspect of DDA's business, whether it be website design and development, search engine optimization, video, animation, corporate and medical training platforms, print marketing, trade show marketing, of application design and development. DDA needed to find a way to succinctly present all of what DDA does, while maintaining high energy, interest, and engagement.


DDA decided it was time to do what it had always done best: combining a diversity of its skills into a custom marketing piece that itself was an example of the exceptional quality that can be produced when every aspect of a project, from concept to final deployment, is envisioned, crafted, and brought into fruition under one especially capable digital production house. DDA's concept for the video was to summarize all its services and divisions within a short yet engaging, information-dense, 60-second long video. A combination of custom 2D animations featuring both illustrations and photography along with exciting background music and a powerful script spoken by talent from DDA's own Actors' Network of professional on-screen and voice-over talent would flesh out the final marketing video, showing the excellence that DDA was capable of for all the world to see.


The video begins with a zoom in on a chuckling squirrel next to an acorn, a favorite symbol of DDA. The squirrel jumps on the acorn as the spokesperson mentions the 10 divisions that comprise DDA, with over 100 services for advertising, marketing, eLearning, mobile apps, and more for every organization in every industry. Photographs of diverse workers in healthcare, the corporate world, and industrial workers then crawl up on the screen to reinforce the diversity of markets served by DDA. Next, the camera zooms in on the animated, tree-populated background to focus on one tree, where some specific services bud up on its branches in on-screen text with a pop as the spokesperson articulates each to give the viewer some specific examples of the breadth of its service offerings. As the services are articulated, the voice-over narration speeds up and rises in pitch, conveying the nearly limitless digital service offerings available at DDA. The narrator concludes with " . . . and o so much more, under one roof," then a photograph of DDA's office shows its roof opening up, whereupon the service descriptions that had budded off the tree all collapse into the building as the roof closes in on them to metaphorically convey DDA's powerful one-stop service shop configuration.

The video continues to say DDA is about reinventing technology to revolutionize advertising and marketing for maximum ROI, with ROI in big bold letters that drop like an anvil on the ground. The DDA logos then roll onto the screen as the spokesperson articulates DDA's extremee capability across multiple media formats, along with exceptional client service and extraordinary value, with those words handed on a silver platter from gloved bulter hands to hammer home the point. The video concludes that this makes DDA the company ready for a perfect marriage between client and agency, conceptualized as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich coming together. The video concludes: beat your competition, grow your business, and thrive, zooming out to a view of the whole world belted with DDA's 10 division logos, with the conclluding tagline: The Most Technically Advanced Advertising and Marketing Organization on the Planet At Your Service.



DDA in 60 Seconds has served as a powerful introduction to DDA, especially its video and animation capabilities, and has helped more members of the public understand how broad DDA's service offerings are and how that empowers them to create uniquely powerful multimedia. In fact, DDA acquired two major clients specifically inspired by DDA in 60 Seconds, including Vision Software Technologies who created an animated marketing video in a similar style. DDA continues to use the video to introduce prospective new clients to its exceptionally diverse service offerings.