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Case Study: Galil Medical Cryotherapy Brochure

Clear and concise content helps patients make informed decisions regarding new treatment options.




Prostate cancer patients looking for minimally invasive treatments need as much information as they can get their hands on. This information needs to be comprehensive as well as easy to understand for patients and their families to make the right treatment decisions. In 2008, Galil Medical was looking to add another source of valuable information on prostate cancer treatments. They wanted to spread the word about how minimally invasive cryotherapy procedures can improve patients’ quality of life.


A tri-fold brochure would place important information in the palm of patients’ hands. DDA Medical would provide graphic design and copywriting services for this brochure so that Galil Medical could distribute this patient information to a network of affiliated healthcare providers. Details pertaining to the cryotherapy procedure would be formatted in a way that’s easy to read and understand to give both physicians and patients a clear idea of what the minimally invasive procedure provides.


DDA copywriters outlined the content of the brochure to include patient criteria to determine eligibility for cryotherapy, what to expect before, during, and after the procedure, and what effects the treatment may have on the patient. Clear headers and taglines were written and designed to organize the information and highlight specific details. DDA graphic designers chose calming colors for the brochure and included stock images that spoke to the target audience and complemented the design.



The design and content was presented in a coherent and legible way to draw the reader in and ensure that all prospective patients could make fully informed decisions with their physician on this particular treatment option. Packed with vital information in one compact package, this informational piece could be the start of a patient’s journey to becoming cancer free.