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Case Study: Lend America Brochure - 2009

DDA provides graphic design and copywriting services to produce a brochure that acts as a bridge from homeowners to the financial community.




As a national mortgage banking organization, Lend America was looking for a marketing piece that would catch and keep the attention of their target audience, residential mortgage portfolio holders. In promoting their programs, they wanted to provide the necessary information to those who could benefit from their services and offer a unique opportunity to do so.


Lend America wanted a bold and eye-catching design that was not overwhelmed with content. Instead, the main marketing messages should be clear, concise, and encouraging to the reader. The theme should be something that elicits relief, but still appeal to the financial community and entice them to read further and ultimately contact Lend America for more information.


DDA worked with Lend American on conceptualization, marketing, and branding for the specific program detailed in the brochure. We also provided graphic design and copywriting services that complemented each other as well as the client’s requests. A Bridge to Liquidity was the decided theme, and so it was designed in a landscape style, four panel brochure, to complement the imagery and provide a more financial and professional appearance. DDA provided the marketing copy for the brochure and included a company interview, program information, benefits of the program, and information on how homeowners could receive relief from the program as well.



The boldness of the gold and orange color scheme truly captures attention and the content is organized in black and white to make the concise copy easy to read.