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Case Study: Nationwide Hospitality Brochure

DDA designed and wrote this original brochure for Nationwide Hospitality to promote its lesser known corporate event planning services in 2007.




Nationwide Hospitality, Inc is known for assisting stranded airline passengers to feel more comfortable when their flight was delayed or cancelled by offering food, transport, and hotel services. However, NHI offers much more than just passenger relations. With all their contacts in the hospitality industry, including major hotel chains, Nationwide Hospitality provides corporate event planning that goes above and beyond booking a conference room. They needed a professional custom brochure that detailed all they have to offer when it comes to planning an event.


DDA would design and write marketing content for a brochure that highlights Nationwide Hospitality’s superior event planning services. Building on NHI’s experience and buying power in the industry, the brochure will illustrate how they can make your event a guaranteed success.


DDA designed a four panel single fold brochure and worked with Nationwide Hospitality to write content that captured the desired message. From pre-planning and vendor negotiations to billing and post-event wrap-up, Nationwide offers a wide range of services for any event, no matter the size. The information in the brochure is formatted in a visually appealing layout, making it easy to read and enticing readers to want to learn more.



DDA didn’t just provide graphic design and copywriting services; they provided Nationwide Hospitality with professional print marketing material that can help their business grow.