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Case Study: HartLab Brochure – 2009

A custom-designed and -illustrated tri-fold brochure is more than just marketing material when it can help physicians evaluate patients with cognitive impairment.




HartLab is a national clinical laboratory that specializes in testing the copper and zinc metabolic status in senior citizens. They were about to announce the CopperProof Diagnostic Panel for identifying copper toxicity and zinc deficiency in older patients, and they needed new marketing material to act as a physician-education tool.


In supplementing their informative website, HartLab wanted eye-catching and educational print materials so healthcare professionals can learn how to help their patients address issues pertaining to chronic copper toxicity. Dynamic Digital Advertising would provide graphic design services for the brochure and custom illustrations showing how copper affects the body. The illustrations included in this brochure needed to be bright and colorful in order to serve as a focal point and succeed in helping physicians understand how copper enters the bloodstream and the negative impact it can have on the brain. The client would provide content for the brochure and approve of stock images to be used in addition to the illustrations.


DDA custom designed this tri-fold brochure with detailed illustrations and a clean, easy-to-read design, making this brochure an attractive and informational tool. A DDA Medical graphic designer created the design and illustrations in a style that would help HartLab educate physicians on chronic copper toxicity. The front of the brochure clearly defines the message, while the inside of the brochure elaborates on the importance of copper screenings. The center panel of the tri-fold brochure features the series of colorful, detailed illustrations so physicians can easily see the negative impact copper has on the brain. DDA Medical integrated the client-provided content and stock images to complete the design and also provided print production services.



This physician-focused tri-fold brochure, which features custom-designed graphics and illustrations created by a DDA Medical graphic designer, educates physicians on how the CopperProof Diagnostic Panel can help in evaluating patients with cognitive impairments.