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Case Study: ETHOS Engage Interactive iPad Meeting Platform – 2013

ETHOS Engage transforms corporate and organizational meetings into richly interactive experiences.


View the ETHOS Engage Interactive iPad Meeting Platform Introductory Video


Finding effective ways of capturing and keeping the attention of clinicians has long been one of the greatest challenges of those working within the healthcare industry. ETHOS Health Communications, a healthcare communications firm focusing on the biotech and pharmaceutical industries, needed to find a way to facilitate more dynamic meetings that would result in lasting impressions among attendees along with greater retention of the information conveyed. Knowing that they would need to push the boundaries of technological innovation to accomplish this task, they chose to work with DDA, a pioneer of digital and interactive media and technologies since 1994.


Physicians were some of the earliest and most ardent users of the Apple iPad® platform, so ETHOS knew that this would be the perfect medium to deploy to engage this particular audience. The rich visuals that can be presented on the iPad along with the plethora of unique ways users can interact with content presented on the large touch screen surface made this device perfect for connecting to clinical audiences. Instead of relying upon one central image presented by either an overhead projector or large screen, the ETHOS Engage platform would personalize the meeting experience by bringing supplementary visual materials into the palms of audience members' hands. Extensive interactive features would ensure consistent and focused attention and thus maximize the information that audience members took away from each meeting, thus furthering ETHOS's standing among medical communications firms and keeping the company ahead of its competitors.


DDA and ETHOS conducted extensive discussions on the capabilities they wanted in the ETHOS Engage Interactive Meeting Platform. Usability by administrators, meeting facilitators, and audience members remained of paramount importance. Numerous interactive features on the platform make the meeting experience more vivid, informative, and engaging for all involved. DDA also created a short introductory video for the application, wrote user's guides for ETHOS, their clients, and individual users, and developed in-app help tools to facilitate a better understanding of the program and its numerous functions. Additional features were also added to the platform to allow for ETHOS Engage meetings at locations in which there was no or poor internet access.



A new standard in meeting facilitation and organizational communications has been set with the ETHOS Engage platform. The platform has transformed the way meetings are conducted and has helped to position ETHOS Health Communications as one of the preeminent healthcare communications firms in the country.