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Case Study: Malmark Brochure and CD-ROM – 2010

Premiere bell crafters with a strong sense of pride in their quality craftsmanship needed the same sense of pride in the materials used to market them.




Malmark Bellcraftmen was looking for marketing materials that were as classic and high quality as the handbells they manufacture. They needed a variety of materials that were both informative and interactive to offer customers in the market for quality musical instruments.


The goal was to produce a collection of marketing materials with a unified design for Malmark to distribute to customers in advertising their product. An oversized trifold brochure was needed to detail the history of Malmark and provide care and maintenance information of their bells, and fashion it in print for easy distribution. An interactive CD-ROM would add additional information through short educational videos covering everything from the basic parts and maintenance of the bells to troubleshooting certain handbell issues. As both a custom print and video production company, DDA was ready to take on all aspects of production.


DDA infused the feeling of classical Renaissance with contemporary style to create a CD Label and packaging design for Malmark Handbells that has both a traditional and sophisticated feel. The CD-ROM DDA produced includes a multimedia center complete with information on the history of Malmark as well as the use, care and maintenance of the bells, accessories available, and a price list and order form. The CD-ROM also includes videos that show the craftsmen at work, and a section where the user can listen to a selection of soundtracks featuring Malmark handbells.



DDA produced a brochure, interactive CD-ROM, and packaging with a cohesive design that conveyed the essence of Malmark’s quality and pride in their premiere musical instruments.