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Case Study: ChemImage Corporate Capabilities Video

The ChemImage corporate capabilities video introduces the cutting-edge hyperspectral imaging technologies that empower the company's lineup with imagery as powerful as its own technology.




ChemImage wanted a way to introduce prospective clients to its unique hyperspectral imaging technologies and came to DDA to produce a corporate capabilities video in 2015. 


The new corporate capabilities video would be centered around the tagline of "Hyperspectral Imaging Perfected," with an emphasis on how ChemImage products are used to detect falsification of printed materials through extremely precise measurements of the inks, colors, and their application. 


DDA created a nearly nine-minute-long corporate capabilities video for ChemImage. DDA worked with ChemImage to establish the dominant messages and on-screen texts, and DDA's graphic designers established a visual theme that leverages the ChemImage brand while keeping the visuals clear and crisp for maximum comprehension. The video includes concrete examples of falsification efforts detected by ChemImage products, a breakdown of the hardware and software available from the company, and detailed demonstrations of how ChemImage products are able to detect micro variations in the visual spectrum to determine tampering with base materials. Designed for use in trade shows and individual presentations, all information is presented in such a way as to be immediately comprehensible through visuals alone.



The final ChemImage corporate capabilities video shows in high detail how ChemImage hyperspectral imaging technologies are used in a wide variety of applications to detect microvariations in the visual presentation of a variety of materials to determine authenticity or falsification, helping to shore up security for critical documents and other printed materials in forensic and security applications of all kinds.