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Case Study: Phoenix Executive Health and Wellness Website – 2007

Corporate wellness customers of Phoenix Executive Health and Wellness deserve a professional and engaging website to learn more about the practice.


Phoenix Executive Health and Wellness Website


When Phoenix Executive Health and Wellness, PLC needed a website that was visually appealing, easy-to-navigate, and dynamic, they contacted DDA Medical, a leading custom website design and development company. DDA's team of professional website graphic designers, developers and animators would need to create an attention grabbing custom medical website that would convey accurate information to patients and corporate wellness customers.


The goal was to strengthen Phoenix Executive Health and Wellness' corporate identity by developing a professional, straightforward and easy-to-use format that addressed their core audience of business executives in the Phoenix, Arizona region. Original artwork and web graphics were needed to accompany information on the medical specialists in order to add to the visual appeal and build a corporate identity.


DDA graphic designers fused southwestern colors with Arizona imagery for a look that is clean, professional, and attractive. When visitors first reach the landing page, they are greeted by an eye-catching flash animation of a snake wrapping itself around the staff of Aesculapius in front of an image of the Arizona Mountains at sunset. Our designers chose colors and patterns with a southwest feel, since we often custom design websites with geographic sensibilities in mind. In addition, DDA flash programmers integrated 2D animations of various activities to further promotethe healthy and active lifestyles that Phoenix Executive Health and Wellness encourages.



By working with DDA to develop their custom website, Phoenix Executive Health and Wellness gained a new online presence; one that turns visitors into customers, patients or colleagues. Designed to be professional, straightforward, and easy-to-use, the website for Phoenix Executive Health and Wellness combines clean lines, crisp colors, and engaging animation throughout, making it not only an informative site, but one visitors would want to come back to and share with others.