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Case Study: Qiagen Digital Photography with 3D Modeling and Photo Manipulation – 2010

Qiagen saves time and money while producing high-quality, high-resolution digital photographs for use in their ongoing pharmaceutical marketing campaigns.




Qiagen came to DDA Medical looking for photography services for a four-day on-location shoot with more than 20 models. They wanted to create a large bank of hundreds of unique, high-resolution digital shots so that they could continuously renew their marketing campaigns with fresh, original images long into the future.


Qiagen wanted to ensure that they kept their budgets under control, while still being able to capture a multitude of excellent high-resolution digital images of different models in various medical settings to promote their new product.


DDA proposed to use 3D photographic environments to develop the photographs, which would shorten the length of time needed for the shoot and increase the location environments available. By doing this, Qiagen would directly benefit from the more time- and cost-efficient process to produce the high volume of high-quality photographs they were looking for. This approach also gave Qiagen a degree of editorial control over the finished photographs that is simply not possible through more traditional means. 

DDA planned the entire shoot, taking responsibility for obtaining all the models, props, hairstyling, and wardrobes necessary. The models, sourced from DDA's own Actors' Network, were shot at DDA's studios in front of a green screen over the course of three days. DDA also worked closely with the client to ensure that each of the 3D environments that were developed for the photographs were customized to Qiagen's liking before being integrated into the final composed photos. DDA took great care to ensure that all the angles, positioning, and poses used during the shoot would align perfectly with these 3D environments.



Qiagen received a vast collection of approximately 400 different shots, with nearly 40 of these finished into beautiful composed photographs. The finished photos were composed with 3D backgrounds, giving the impression of elaborate sets without the time and money needed to produce such high quality during a traditional on-location shoot. Now Qiagen has an excellent collection of photos to draw on to refresh their marketing efforts for years to come.