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Case Study: Freezy Bones Website (2009)

This easy-to-navigate eCommerce site for healthy canine snacks is a treat for both dogs and owners.




Medical Product Laboratories had a product geared to the health and wellness of our pets, but they needed an easy way for owners to learn about and purchase the product. They needed a website design and development company that offered both custom graphic design services and expertise in eCommerce programming.


The goal was to build an eCommerce platform to use in advertising and marketing Freezy Bones, a line of healthy frozen dog treats. DDA would customize the design to fit the playful tone of the product, yet add important product information regarding its health benefits. There would also be a customized administrative back-end to easily manage, track, and fufill orders.


With a custom design from the talented DDA graphic designers, the homepage of highlights the main products with rollovers that list their ingredients. There’s a button on each individual product for direct access to the shopping cart. This intuitive shopping cart also features a section to apply a promotional code, making the check-out experience even more pleasurable. The back-end database allows an administrator to easily track and manage product information, making order fulfillment and product inventory a more efficient process.



Featuring a vibrant and playful design, a customized shopping cart, and an administrative back-end for order fulfillment and product inventory management, the Freezy Bones website is one that is a pleasure to explore for shoppers and administrators alike.