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Case Study: PAYredi Payment Portal – 2011

The PAYredi payment portal is the parent-friendly and school-friendly solution to online payment processing.


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As a provider of secure electronic payment processing services, CHECKredi recognized a service void: School districts were in need of online payment processing solutions, but lacked the technological resources to integrate and maintain shopping carts on their district sites. CHECKredi aimed to close this service gap with the creation of a fully customizable and secure online payment portal that was painless to integrate, easy to use, and flexible enough to meet the demands of busy school districts both large and small. To make it happen, they turned to longtime partner, DDA.


From after school activities to lunch accounts and school supplies, payable categories for schools vary and are constantly evolving. The PAYredi platform had to be designed in such a way that service categories could be added dynamically and easily. Most importantly, the system had to be smart. Requested features included the ability to turn on and off methods of payment by account, facilitate detailed transaction history and deposit summary reporting at both the district and school levels, and achieve a checkout process that was uncomplicated and secure. Above all else, the platform had to comply with the industry's strict standard of security, PCI.


Utilizing the skills and experience of the in-house programming staffweb developers, and graphic artists, DDA created a single portal with tiered access privileges. Districts monitor activity across all school accounts and run reports by date range, school, or payable service category. Schools have access to the same features as the districts do, but see only the transactions that relate to their location. The parent experience is streamlined and hassle-free. After creating their accounts, parents enter their children and can begin submitting payments on a one-time or recurring basis. All transactions are stored and sortable by date, and with the ability to store and securely save preferred methods of payment, parents never have to rifle through their wallet in order to finalize a transaction.

The design of the PAYredi Portal is clean, with features clearly organized and displayed for ease of access. And with the ability for schools to customize their portal's appearance, parents will know they are in the right place as indicated by the embedded school logo and color palette. Programmed with security in mind, sensitive billing information is encrypted and stored in DDA's ultra-secure, non-internet facing server. Furthermore, all programming code and practices comply with PCI standards to guarantee the PAYredi shopping experience is a safe one.



Launched in the summer of 2011, the PAYredi Portal is a resounding success. Districts and Schools have found a solution to their online payment processing needs and parents now have access to an interface in which they can fund the expenses of student life, securely and with ease.