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Case Study: Write Science Right Web Portal – 2008, Redesigned 2019

DDA helps an established company bring business processes online for expanded reach and improved efficiencies.




Write Science Right (WSR) is a scientific and medical editing company run by scientists, for scientists. With a wide range of services, expansive network of editors, and an ever-growing customer base, the founders concluded it was time to bring all processes online and they turned to DDA for the solution.


Write Science Right was in need of a secure web portal in which they could conduct their business. This complex, three-tiered platform needed to be utilized not only by WSR administrators, but also editors and clients. From initial quoting and editor assignments to document revisions and payment processing, the portal was designed to migrate the business’s communications and editorial processes completely online.


In development of the WSR portal, DDA formulated a wholly customized solution. Each feature was carefully conceptualized and implemented to fulfill WSR’s precise needs and specifications. The platform consists of various user levels. Using login credentials, administrators, editors, and clients gain access to the system and see only the site features that are relevant to their needs. WSR clients can request services and pricing using a sophisticated quote calculator in a near automated fashion. Once a project is accepted, clients can keep track of their order’s progress and review and accept revisions online. After all services have been fully rendered, clients can pay using a number of electronic payment methods, including Google Checkout, PayPal, personal checks, bank transfers, and more. Editors use the platform to receive assignments, load their revisions, and keep track of their monthly earnings.

In the administrator view, WSR is able to completely manage operational tasks online, from accepting customer orders, assigning projects to editors, reviewing and confirming editor revisions to issuing customer invoices, and managing editor payouts. A complex reporting system allows WSR to keep track of projected monthly revenues, collected revenue, editor payouts, and projected profits. A robust editor administrative backend gives WSR the power to set payout fees and workload thresholds on an editor-by-editor basis. What’s more, sophisticated communication systems exist on all user levels, allowing administrators, editors, and customers to communicate effortlessly. Additionally, built-in timing systems ensure all parties are aware of approaching deadlines.

In 2019, DDA completed a comprehensive redesign of the WSR website to bring it into the modern age. DDA created a new responsive design that allows users on all devices, browsers, and screen sizes to easily navigate and use the site. This comined with the newly integrated secure certificate helps maximize the SEO value on the major search engines and help direct traffic to the web portal, and the new sophisticated aesthetic communicates the professionalism and integrity of the services that can be acquired through this powerful web portal.



Launched in 2008, the WSR portal has taken processes that were once handled offline, online to increase convenience, productivity, and communication. Since its initial launch, WSR’s business has evolved and so too has the platform. To this day, DDA continues to answer precise needs and develop custom-tailored solutions to continually enhance portal capabilities and features.