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Case Study: Coating Kare Products Brochure

DDA provided a clean layout for a custom-designed brochure full of cleaning products from 2006.


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In order for coated floors to look their best, they need the proper cleaning and gloss products to really help them shine. Coating Kare provides floor cleaners for automobile, firehouse, commercial and industrial use that are formulated to keep floors clean, protected, and vibrant. When Coating Kare wanted to advertise their products and services, they needed marketing materials just as vibrant to showcase all they have to offer.


Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) would provide graphic design services to make Coating Kare’s custom business brochure shine. As a company focused on cleanliness, Coating Kare wanted a clean design layout so customers can easily learn about the products and services. The information needed to be presented in such a way that customers not only learned about Coasting Kare, but they were persuaded to choose this product above all others.


To advertise Coating Kare's full line of floor coating and cleaning products, DDA designed and printed this eight-page, four-color brochure in 2006. The brochure included information on Coating Kare’s tested and proven cleaning products, gloss products, cleaning supplies and machines, advantages, and experience, and details the company’s mission to provide the best floor care and customer service. Not only does this brochure take the customer step-by-step through the cleaning process using the best product for the job, it clearly states the benefits of using the cleaning solution offered. DDA's graphic designers maintained the company's distinct style and image throughout the custom brochure while giving Coating Kare a fresh new look with new product promotions.



The end result is a design that is as clean as the floors in the pictures. The custom brochure matched the client’s vision and portrayed the company in the right way.