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Case Study: Champions Website Design and Development – 1997

If you build it, be it interactive websites or exciting rest stop amusements, they will come.




The journey should be as exciting as the destination; however, long road trips can wear travelers down.  Highway rest areas should serve as an entertaining oasis where weary travelers can recharge for the road ahead. Champions provides games and other forms of entertainment that transform truck stops into travel plaza retreats. They needed a website that would not only inform visitors of all Champions has to offer, but would also feature a design that was just as unique, professional, and appealing as the amusements Champions is known for.


DDA would provide custom website design and development, including professional graphic design and copywriting services, to strengthen Champions search engine marketing campaign. A unique design was needed to match Champions mission to create engaging experiences for visitors.


The website DDA designed mirrored the amusements Champions provides. Each section of the site is represented by an icon that represents an arcade game. This unique design utilizes 3D arcade models as part of the navigation to attract attention and motivate visitors to learn more about the company. With interactive rollovers that appear when a section is clicked on, visitors can learn about Champions, read case studies and testimonials, browse décor packages, and contact Champions for more information.



Just as Champions provided the highest quality games to entertain rest stop visitors by rotating their games to ensure a unique experience, DDA provided an original, high quality website to attract and inform visitors about Champions’ services. The result was a high return on investment for Champions, their clients, and travelers across the country.