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Case Study: Critical Homecare Solutions Website – 2007

A comprehensive medical website benefits all parties involved.




Critical Homecare Solutions (CHS) provides home care products and services to a wide variety of locations across the United States. From private home health to hospice care, CHS offers infusion, pharmacy, and respiratory services while utilizing the latest in home medical equipment. With service locations along the eastern and mid-west sections of the U.S., CHS needed a comprehensive website that reached all audiences, crossing borders and breaking solely word-of-mouth boundaries.


Dynamic Digital Advertising specializes in custom website design and development and knows how to reach broad audiences across the country and around the world. Organizing a comprehensive online presence for CHS to inform visitors of their equipment and services was only part of the plan. There also needed to be an online destination for CHS employees, subsidiaries, and investors to access important information. All needed to be housed in an attractive platform that fit the company’s brand.


DDA graphic designers centered the website’s design on the angular shape of the CHS logo, the triangular roof of a house. The blue of the logo was also a featured color on the website, and gave the site its welcoming feel. The warm and friendly images used on the site matched the caring services that CHS offers. All information on the site is organized in a way that’s easy to navigate, from the company’s mission statement, privacy policy, and compliance program to the service locations and team. Sections for Subsidiaries, Investor Relations, and Employees makes this site an invaluable tool for all involved with Critical Homecare Solutions.



This attractive and informative site benefits healthcare professionals, families, and patients, and helps them understand all that Critical Homecare Solutions stands for and provides. The look of the site corresponds with the company’s brand, while the information included reaches the broad online community.