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Case Study: The Meadows Psychiatric Hospital and UCBH Program Websites – 2012

Just as The Meadows and Universal Community Behavior Health rehabilitates its patients, custom website redesign gives new life to a healthcare organization online.


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The previous website for The Meadows provided important information on their behavioral health facility, but the design lacked the right aesthetic for evoking the calming and comforting feeling that the patients and their families expected. UCBH also needed a more comprehensive site to detail how it extends its outpatient services based on community need. The client wanted one design that tied both organizations together, allowing for a streamlined navigational system and appealing look and feel.


Present the philosophy, program details, and other important facility information in a clear way while promoting peacefulness and do so with one complimentary design for both the inpatient and outpatient organizations. Redesigning The Meadows website paved the way for developing a new site for Universal Community Behavior Health. Both would share a design, but the information given will be focused on their individual programs.


A cohesive design, as calming as a meadow itself, for and connects the two while the variance in the menu and information sets them apart based on the information presented and the audience served. As a top medical website design and development company, DDA knows what clients in the healthcare industry need to reach their target audience. DDA website designers and developers work directly with the client to make sure the perfect vision comes to life. The Meadows and UCBH were a part of the process from the beginning, approving design concepts, menu structure, content, tabs, links, etc. This ensures the website fits the needs of both the client and the user.



The redesign and development of and was a unified marketing effort for both organizations, resulting in a new destination for those looking to learn about their options for behavioral health.