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Case Study: DaytranaMan Animation – 2008

Benchworks encourages its client’s sales reps to increase their marketing efforts for the Daytrana patch through DDA’s DaytranaMan animation.


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The marketing firm Benchworks needed to find a way to motivate their client’s medical sales representatives in the marketing of a patch medication for ADHD, Daytrana.


In order to motivate sales of the Daytrana patch, DDA suggested the use of a 2D animation that would not only offer comprehensive information but would also deliver that information in an engaging and fun way. The animation would inform sales representatives of the Daytrana Dash, a competition that would award prizes to the top sales representatives in each zone and region who best supported physicians in the prescribing of Daytrana.


To fit this need, DDA illustrated DaytranaMan, a flying superhero with a head shaped like his namesake’s patch. These digital illustrations were then brought to life through 2D Flash animation. DaytranaMan educated sales representatives on the nature of the Daytrana Dash competition and on some basic ways that those sales reps could increase their success in encouraging physicians to prescribe the medication. DDA turned to their Actors’ Network to provide the perfect voice for DaytranaMan.



The resulting 2D Flash animation proved to be both informative and entertaining. In addition to helping capture the attention of sales reps to the Daytrana Dash program, DaytranaMan also offered some critical advice on how to promote the product, helping to boost prescriptions and sales for Noven, the drug’s developer and manufacturer.