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Case Study: Military Matters Website – 2009

DDA captures more heart of the matter with hand drawn images for the Military Matters website.




Military Matters needed more of a personal touch to their website. Instead of using standard clip art or web graphics as visuals, they wanted to get more personal, which required custom hand drawn illustrations.


DDA illustration artists would create two black and white illustrations with an “editorial cartoon” feel for Military Matters. The illustrations will be used on a website and for product labels and brochures to promote products designed for military men to give to their spouses, such as greeting cards. Based on the client provided concepts, the first illustration would be of a woman standing on her toes, holding a small flag behind her back and kissing her husband, who is dressed in camouflage, with helmet and combat boots. This sketch would represent a military wife either welcoming her husband back home or saying goodbye. The second illustration would show a family of four driving down the road in a convertible, pulling a trailer packed with moving boxes. The license plate would read “Reporting for Duty.” The idea is pictured as having the family driving down a curvy road with a directional sign that reads, “Next Duty Station – 486 Miles.”


The professional illustration artists at DDA followed the client’s directions to draw the illustrations by hand and then edit and embellish using digital media. Through custom design, DDA was able to capture the whimsical characters as the client desired. Military Matters also utilized the custom website design and development services DDA offered. These hand drawn illustrations were featured in the web design, and acted as the central advertising for the products Military Matters offered. The website consisted of three main pages (Home, About, and Contact), and included an eCommerce shopping cart that DDA customized to match the website’s design. DDA also proposed to design a series of 12 greeting cards, each with a cohesive design, that caters to military families. The whimsical design of the hand drawn illustrations will be carried over to the greeting card series.



The hand drawn illustration created by DDA artists were incorporated into all aspects of Military Matters’ advertising campaign to instill a warm, whimsical feel to the products offered.