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Case Study: Norazza Virtual Product Showcase – 2006

DDA gives Norazza customers an interactive way of exploring camera cases from the inside out.


View the Norazza Virtual Product Showcase


Norazza wanted to show their customers every inch of their camera cases, even from the comfort of each customer’s own home, without going door to door. They were after a state-of-the-art custom showcase where users can explore their product online.


Through the use of digital photography and web-based programming, DDA would produce a virtual product showcase that features Norazza’s camera case from the inside out. All angles will be covered and certain points of the product will highlight detailed information and images about the special features. After scrolling through the showcase, customers would know what they can expect from this case, even without ever touching it.


At the start of the project, DDA digital photographers captured every angle of the camera case, from the front flap and side pockets to the padded back and sturdy straps. All zippers were open to show interior pockets and storage solutions. Every possible combination was photographed and then pieced together in post-processing. DDA programmers took each image and added user control and rotation functions through clicking and scrolling over every inch of the case. The user can manually rotate the product a full 360-degrees and open every pouch and zipper to reveal all details of the bag. Certain sections of the bag are programmed to allow the users to click for more information and even view larger images in greater detail. This interactive product showcase provides the user with complete control and a thorough understanding of what’s included with a Norazza brand camera case.



This unique product presentation tool provides a detailed look in and around the product and also offers a fun and memorable user experience.