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Case Study: Oculus Pentacam Interactive Video CD-ROM – 2005

Syncing video with PowerPoint makes for a comprehensive learning tool.




For those in the field of optometry, challenging surgeries could greatly affect patients and could mean the difference between perfect vision and blindness. When advances in technology arise, it greatly affects the process of certain procedures. Therefore, surgeons must continue to learn all they can regarding life-changing conditions, procedures, and technologies in order to ensure the effect on patients are only positive ones.

When the Pentacam was developed, it became “the next wave in comprehensive eye scanner technology.” Surgeons who performed cataract and refractive surgery now had a new tool that changed the way these procedures were performed. This is why Bryn Mawr Communications wanted to create an instructional tool for surgeons to learn more about the Pentacam, including its background, benefits, and how it’s used in both procedures. This learning tool had to go beyond text descriptions and static images of the surgical procedures. An interactive tool was needed to gain and hold attention and increase retention of the information. Real life information would be provided to show surgeons what this new technology could offer them and their patients.


In order to give surgeons a thorough account of what’s involved in cataract and refractive surgery using the Pentacam, Bryn Mawr Communications wanted to both show and tell them about the process. As an advanced video production company, Dynamic Digital Advertising has the tools to produce informational and educational tools that allow viewers to take control of the presentation. The goal was to compile videos of real cataract and refractive surgeries as well as true accounts of how the Pentacam is used in complicated procedures, and integrate it all into a format that’s as easy to use as it is educational.


In order to achieve the level of interactivity Bryn Mawr Communications desired, DDA would utilize their state-of-the-art technology and video production expertise to sync videos of procedures and surgeon case studies with informative PowerPoint presentations to create an educational experience for surgeons to learn about cataract and refractive surgery using the Pentacam device. The videos provided detailed demonstrations with step-by-step instruction on how to overcome complications of challenging surgeries. Physicians could see how their colleagues handled difficult circumstances so they had a frame of reference to address if they encountered such a case in the future. DDA designed a video presentation menu for viewers to easily navigate from video to video. Once clicked, the video would play in a large screen next to a PowerPoint slide containing text that reaffirmed the information being presented. The viewer could control the presentation by pausing and resuming the video in order to access the information at their convenience. DDA formatted this educational tool on CD-ROM for distribution to surgeons.



Dynamic Digital Advertising created this multi-media, interactive, and instructional CD-ROM design for Bryn Mawr Communications, featuring video clips synced with PowerPoint, as a way to educate surgeons about the processes involved in cataract and refractive surgery using the new Pentacam device. Learning about these surgeries in such a way allowed for a more thorough understanding of the procedures and what one can expect in the operating room.