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Case Study: ParaGard IUD Interactive Website – 2004

Spreading the word online about a new contraceptive through search engine optimization and interactivity.


ParaGard Video
ParaGard Design


ParaGard is a Copper T Intrauterine Contraceptive that is used around the world by millions of women. The medical device had limited availability in the United States and so DDA Medical, a leader in custom medical website design and development, was asked to build a website to help promote the product in North America.


The goal of this information rich website was to help women understand the contraceptive device, including the benefits and safety of use. In addition to the new website, ParaGard also requested DDA Medical's assistance in building an interactive Flash tool that shows the product and demonstrates its flexible and pliable nature. In preparation for the new site, DDA Medical did extensive planning to ensure the ParaGard site was built with a search engine friendly platform and that proper content planning was put in place to target the right keywords.


This Flash tool shows how small the contraceptive is, but more importantly, how soft and flexible it is. Users can interact with the contraceptive by bending and moving the edges, thus demonstrating how the contraceptive flexes to remain comfortable. Utilizing its expertise in both flash animation and graphic design, Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) created the ParaGard® website for women and healthcare professionals seeking information about the Copper T Intrauterine Contraceptive. Featuring countless pages of consumer, healthcare professional and media-specific information and the impressive interactive "Touch ParaGard®" section, where the click of a mouse shows the flexibility of ParaGard®, the easy-to-use design presents substantial information while offering a feminine feel.



The end result is a highly informative and user-friendly website with the added bonus of an interactive tool to help highlight the product.