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Case Study: Bucks County Koi Co. Logo and Business Card Design – 2004

Using computer illustration, many elements can combine to create an image that truly represents a company.




The koi is a majestic fish. Kept in ponds and water gardens, it is a Japanese symbol of love and friendship. The Bucks County Koi Company was about to open a retail location in the area and wanted to capture the brilliance of this unique creature in their logo and feature it on their new business cards.


Dynamic Digital Advertising would provide custom graphic design services for the Bucks County Koi Company to meet the challenge of creating something just as unique and magnificent as the koi fish itself. DDA graphic designers would use a technique that would combine all important elements of the company in order to deliver a marketing piece that fulfilled their needs.


As a Pennsylvania-based company, it was important to include a state symbol in the logo design. A keystone was chosen to represent the state, and was incorporated into the design. DDA graphic designers used computer illustration to create a logo with this keystone as the foundation of the image and acted as the outline for gentle waves of water overlapped by a white, orange, and black koi fish.



The koi in a keystone logo blended the specialty of Bucks County Koi with its location in order to truly represent the company and improve their marketing strategy.