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Case Study: Healthcare Administrative Partners (HAP) Print Marketing Materials – 2007-2008

DDA offers a wide variety of print marketing materials to promote businesses in the healthcare community.


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Healthcare Administrative Partners (HAP) is a medical billing company that needed to improve their marketing campaign for the healthcare community. They wanted marketing materials that included all the necessary information needed to motivate radiology departments to learn more about HAP’s services.


HAP wanted to revamp their entire marketing campaign to include production of brochuressell sheets, mailers, promotional packaging, and trade show materials. DDA's graphic designers would design all print materials with a unified style in the color schemes and marketing themes. DDA's copywriters would research and write marketing content for the brochures utilizing industry terms important to HAP’s message. DDA project coordinators would also manage the mailing process of some of these print materials.


After completing case studies on how HAP’s revenue cycle management services increased their customers' cash flows, DDA planned, designed, and developed content for a variety of marketing materials to promote their services to a wider audience. Included in these materials was a series of brochures focused on the “domino effect” of miscoded charges and how it affects the revenue cycle. DDA produced another series of three brochures for HAP, one on maximizing radiology reimbursements, one on minimizing radiology denials, and one that summarizes how both can accelerate a department’s cash flow, as case studies have shown. HAP was so pleased with the final summary brochure that they asked DDA to design a post card and trade show graphics with the same message, as well as sell sheets detailing their radiology services.

DDA also managed the post card mailing for HAP and assisted with packaging development for the Revenue Enhancement Leap campaign, which included a stuffed frog to make the promotional message memorable.



Through a collection of case studies, brochures, postcards, sell sheets, mailings, and trade show materials, HAP was able to promote their services to a wider customer base and provide those in the healthcare community with important information that can help their practice grow.