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Case Study: Belfiore Fine Jewelry – 2000

DDA creates high-quality marketing materials designed to let the product speak for itself.




Those looking for fine jewelry are looking for high quality at the best price available. The jewelers at Belfiore may know all about stunning customers with high quality diamonds and elegant gold jewelry, but they needed some assistance when it came to stunning marketing for their products.


Dynamic Digital Advertising has the tools necessary to produce eye-catching marketing materials. With professional graphic designers and digital product photographers in house, DDA can develop all the marketing materials needed to draw an audience in and hold their attention. Belfiore needed brochures and trade show advertisements that would dazzle customers, but they wanted the jewelry to speak for itself. Therefore, DDA provided digital product photography and edited the photos to fit a large business-to-consumer trade show promotional ad and tri-fold brochure.


The professional photographers of DDA captured the brilliance of Belfiore’s elegant gold and silver bracelets, diamond rings, necklaces, and earrings. Once edited, these high resolution photographs were used in designing a promotional brochure and trade ad. Forgoing colorful, flashy titles and catch phrases, the layout of each print design is simple, allowing the beauty of the fine jewelry to shine all on its own. Bold statements were used in describing what one can expect from Belfiore Fine Jewelry; Superb Quality with a Price Advantage was the main statement used in both print materials, and each piece went on to detail the Italian heritage and American tradition that Belfiore is known for and proud of.



The radiance of the jewelry speaks for itself. The print design does not fight the product for attention, but rather sets the right scene to showcase Belfiore’s stunning jewelry at its best.