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Case Study: Flomax Pharmaceutical eLearning Website – 2006

This eLearning tool combines the expertise of a highly respected medical professional with the functionality of a highly interactive educational platform.




DAW Communications came to DDA with a new eLearning project. They wanted to develop a bi-monthly series for Boehringer Ingelheim that offered a clinical perspective from a noted expert in the field of urologic surgery. The online eLearning platform would require users to register for the tool in order to gain access to the materials. DDA graphic designers, custom programmers, and video technicians were to create an eLearning website that presented information in a clear way while maintaining the user’s visual interest.


DAW provided DDA with six video interviews of Dr. David M. Albala, professor of Urologic Surgery and director for the Center of Minimally Invasive Urological Surgery at the Duke University Medical Center. DDA was to sync these videos with PowerPoint presentations, integrate tutorial controls, and custom program and design the site for effortless registration and comprehensive backend reporting.


Comprised of a total of six interactive learning programs, this eLearning tool provided clinicians in the field of urology with the medical insights of one of its most respected professionals. Combining the video interviews of Dr. Albala with informational PowerPoint presentations strengthened the educational value of each program. As a password protected site, users would need to register to gain access to the tool and participate in its programs. Since this project was released in stages, with one program being launched at a time, DDA also custom programmed an administrative email blast functionality to alert registered users when new information, programs, and events were added to the system. Detailed tracking logs were included in the tool’s backend database to reveal what users visited the site and what tutorials they viewed. Administrators to the site could also edit events and export event reports. The highly intuitive, custom programmed database also allowed users to easily enter and download data; for instance, members of a pharmaceutical sales team could upload and access information pertaining to upcoming discussion boards on the topic of Flomax.



This custom designed and programmed eLearning website combines intuitive design with interactive features, resulting in a highly beneficial medical website for the urology community.