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Case Study: QCCH Medical Services Video, Trade Show Graphic, and Brochure – 2010

DDA created a medical services video, trade show graphic, and brochure in 2010 to help Quality Choice Correctional Healthcare to explain how they provide quality medicine at high efficiency and reduced cost.




Quality Choice Correctional Healthcare provides on-site health care to facilities such as prisons. Their on-site health care reduces costs associated with securing health care externally, but introduces some additional challenges when coordinating care with a network of clinicians. Quality Choice Correctional Healthcare boasts secure telemedicine technologies to coordinate care for prisoners with clinicians beyond the site, thus reducing costs of specialists care and making its on-site healthcare services both comprehensive and affordable. QCCH needed to make sure that correctional facilities understood the advantages that their on-site medical services offer, and came to DDA to produce marketing materials that would do just that.


DDA worked with QCCH to establish the main themes of the marketing efforts: high quality on-site care for correctional facilities delivered affordably and without compromise. DDA received QCCH's logo and branding and established designs for a trifold brochure. The main visual motif was the rounded subtle cross shape of the QCCH logo, along with soothing translucent gradients of blues, violets, greens, and yellows. The colorful yet subdued pallete helps to bring a sense of ease to the reader as they consider QCCH's medical services. This visual motif carried over into matching business card and trade show graphic designs, and became central to the animated custom background for the nearly 5-minute long promotional video.


The trifold brochure is filled with a comprehensive overview of QCCH's medical services and how its use of telemedicine in combination with on-site services that are carefully coordinated with the correctional facility result in the best possible care for inmates at the greatest efficiency and affordability. The large trade show graphic summarizes these themes in a more concentrated manner for easy comprehension at a glance, while carrying over the colorful imagery and branding established by the trifold brochure. Business cards match the design of the other printed materials to keep the brand strong and cohesive across all media.

DDA shot original video at its own studios in front of a green screen to be the seed content for the new medical services video. DDA designed a custom animated background based on the branding and designs established in the print materials created for QCCH by DDA to ensure that the video would have a strong professional presentation. The rounded, squat cross shapes that float behind and in front of the on-screen spokesperson introducing QCCH's medical services also serve a functional role in the videos, pausing at the spokesperson's side to become a board for on-screen texts to come in and reinforce key spoken messages. The on-screen texts are angled to match the angle of the colorful shapes, enhancing polished feel of the video. The shapes are also used to display images relevant to the on-screen spokesperson's presentation. The video also includes a variety of transitions between sections, including walk-ins, pan-outs, and more. The floating shapes even rotate in the air, with on-screen texts and images rotating on them at the same angles. The overall effect of this attention to detail results in an exceptionally impactful presentation of Quality Choice Correctional Healthcare that reflects professionalism and excellence of the organization itself.



The trade show graphic, trifold brochure, business cards, and medical services video all work together to present a cohesive and powerful impression of the company as a leader in providing on-site medical services to the incarcerated efficiently and affordably. As such, the coordinated marketing efforts DDA and QCCH underwent together serve as a strong example of how working with a full-service design and production house allows medical organizations to deliver the highest quality results, maximizing the opportunities for those organizations to serve the public with their unique health care offerings.