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Case Study: Dr. Landman Medical Testimonial Video

The Dr. Landman medical testimonial video, made in 2008 by DDA, introduces viewers to one urologist's success with cancer, from diagnosis to treatment.




Dr. Landman wanted a way to communicate the powerful experience of one of his renal cancer patients whom he had successfully treated into remission. He chose DDA to create an interview-based testimonial video to help communicate the positive experiences his patients receive under his care.


DDA would shoot the interview video on location between Dr. Landman and his renal cancer patient Mr. Jay Freedman. The video would then be edited at DDA's studios to create a professional patient testimonial video.


The final video was shot in a gorgeous outdoor environment. Questions and answers between Dr. Landman and Mr. Freedman were edited to be succint and powerful. On-screen texts are shown between the questions as transitional elements that help the video be more easily digested by the viewer. Mr. Freedman discusses how he found out of the many options to address his renal cancer, and how cryoablation procedure offered advantages of reduced invasiveness, faster recovery and retention of the kidney along with a high success rate. The patient also describes his exceptional aftercare, and reflects on the ways in which Dr. Landman's medical expertise and surgical precision made the experience of being treated for a small renal mass the best it could possibly be.



The final interview-based patient testimonial video shows how professional videography combined with a personalized touch can make for a powerful patient testimonial video that will motivate future patients to reach out to the right physician for the highest standard of care available.