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Case Study: Terumo Trucise Medical Training eLearning Platform – 2009

DDA shot all original video on location for this custom designed medical training eLearning platform developed for Terumo Trucise in 2009.




Terumo Trucise Corporation had just developed its new Trucise Total System, a medical device that compliments their sterile tubing welder system with process control and data management. They needed a new way to trian clinicians on the use of the new Total System that would help defray the time and expense associated with in-person training. They came to DDA Medical to create a custom eLearning solution to take their medical device training into the next step.


The eLearning platform would be video-based, allowing users to see on their own how to work with the system to get the most out of it. Interactive components such as user-directed navigation and testing would ensure that learners understood and retained the information. Additional resources would ensure that the eLearning module would become a robust information destination for everything one could want to know about the new medical device.


DDA used Flash-based animation to create the video content from existing visual assets in order to deliver high value at reduced costs. DDA's medical copywriters wrote the scripts for the voice-over narrations, which were recorded in DDA's on studios and edited into the eLearning videos to create the central content of the medical training eLearning module. DDA custom designed a new graphical user interface based on Trucise's branding and the aesthetics of the medical device itself.

The eLearning is self-directed to encourage active participation by users, with content segmented into chapters by main topics. A resource library, FAQs, 360° product video, and troubleshooting center compliment the core course content of the eLearning module. Trainees are required to take a test after reviewing all core eLearning materials, and once they pass, they receive their certification. DDA also built and administrative area that allows Terumo to access a variety of metrics reports and track usage by each and every user, revealing how many have taken the course, how many have been certified, and so much more. The final eLearning platform was put onto CD-ROM for use on PCs without the need for a website and hosting.



The Terumo Trucise Total System medical training eLearning platform shows how a custom designed, richly interactive multimedia medical device training eLearning platform can be created to meet specific needs while remaining efficient in production and deployment.