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Case Study: HoverTech – Medical Product, Training, and Service Videos – 2015

DDA provides its comprehensive video production services to produce a series of medical product, training, and service videos for HoverTech International.


Click here to view the HoverJack medical product video.


HoverTech International specializes in the creation of a variety of air-assisted medical products that help with safe patient handling. DDA began working with the company in 2012, beginning with a redesign of their website and the development of several promotional videos featuring their various medical patient transfer, repositioning, and handling products. DDA would then go on to produce specialized training videos for current HoverTech customers to understand how best to use their specialty medical devices. Finally, DDA would produce a comprehensive marketing video to detail their unique Healthcare Ergonomic Lifting Program (HELP), a comprehensive train-the-trainer program that the company offers to healthcare facilities so that they can implement a Safe Patient Handling program that helps to reduce injuries among workers and patients alike.


All scripts would be supplied by the client, and from there, DDA would develop visual storyboards indicating the exact progression of the videos.  Depending on the needs, videos would be comprised of an on-screen spokesperson shot in DDA's professional video studios, on-location video showing the HoverTech products in action (or the training involved in the HELP program), or a mix of the two. DDA would develop a custom animated background that used HoverTech's colors and was based on the shape of their logo, helping to tie the series together and extend the cohesiveness of their brand.


DDA shot numerous product photographs of HoverTech's medical devices at their professional digital photography studios to be used on their website, brochures, and on the various videos, all produced for the company by DDA. DDA also shot additional photography on location for use in all the marketing materials that it produced for HoverTech. All on-screen spokesperson video was shot at DDA's professional studios in front of a green screen; DDA designed a custom animated backdrop based on their brand logo and colors for this very purpose. This animated backdrop was also used on the intro and outro of each video to act as a visual motif to tie them all together. Additional animated and special effects were included to help enhance viewer engagement further.

DDA also went on location to shoot video that would be critical to the various medical product, training, and service videos produced for HoverTech, including one scene of a rescue in progress at an individual's private residence using HoverTech's own medical devices. Voice-over narrations were recorded at DDA's studios. After all photography and video was captured, the media was edited together with the original DDA-animated background and music. DDA integrated the HELP medical services video onto a new page on their website, and integrated all product videos onto the front end of their website as well. The training videos were integrated onto their back-end Customer Relationship Management (CRM) portal (also developed by DDA) for access only by paying customers. DDA also replicated DVDs of the training videos so that HoverTech could distribute these along with purchases of their various medical devices.



DDA's success with HoverTech is evidenced by the number and variety of video projects taken on for the company through the years, including medical product, service, and training videos. The new videos kept consistent with the design aesthetic of the website DDA developed for the company to help extend the brand and give it greater coherence. The videos represented a significant step up in quality from the previous videos HoverTech developed with other vendors and are sure to serve the company well going forward.