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Case Study: NAPNAP Immunization Discussions for Providers CME Platform – 2012

DDA helps the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners (NAPNAP) educate clinicians about the best way to encourage their patients to vaccinate their children with this important online CME platform.


View the NAPNAP Immunization CME Platform


After seeing the impressive results that DDA could deliver with the NAPNAP Consumer-Focused Webcast on Immunizations, NAPNAP decided that they needed a way to help clinicians promote vaccination programs by teaching them the most effective methods to educate parents about the importance of immunizations. The tool would help healthcare providers calm fears and counter negative misconceptions among their patients.


During the initial planning discussions it became clear early on that the new project would need to be a much more robust online platform than the previous project, and would include four videos, ranging 4-8 minutes in length each, synchronized to PowerPoint slides with active hyperlinks to relevant resources. Additionally, two of the videos were to feature interactive question-and-answer segments, in which video of a nurse practitioner quizzed users on the information just given. All the resources referred to during the videos would be available in resource lists accessible via the eye-appealing icons of the tool’s menu system.


DDA’s professional copywriters worked with the initial client-provided content to develop finished, professional scripts. A beautiful interactive menu system was designed to allow for easy navigation as well as to fit within the aesthetics of the NAPNAP website. DDA sourced the actors needed for the shoot from its Actors’ Network, and all video was shot in-studio in front of a green screen. DDA’s 3D specialists worked to redesign the 3D environments used as the backdrops for the previous NAPNAP videos, creating a unique look and feel for the new project. DDA also accepted all of the client’s PowerPoint slides, restyling them to create a consistent look for each of the four videos.

DDA’s programmers then synchronized these stylized PowerPoint slides to come up on the synchronized media player at precise points within the video as indicated by the client. DDA also programmed the multiple-choice and true-or-false questions to coincide with the questions and explanations given within the videos. A back-end system was programmed to record all responses to these questions so that NAPNAP could monitor the success of the videos at educating clinicians. DDA then integrated the synchronized media platform into NAPNAP’s existing website, with the design of the platform fitting in seamlessly.



The innovative new synchronized media platform was well-received by NAPNAP, and the comprehensive information it provides in such a user-friendly format and eye appealing design will serve the organization well in its ongoing efforts to educate both healthcare providers and consumers about important issues in healthcare.