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Case Study: Park Lenox Emergency Medicine Video and Website – 2008

The Park Lenox video and website introduce emergency medical services to New York residents using video shot on location by DDA.




Park Lenox Emergency Medicine serves the Upper East Side of Manhattan, and thus competes against a wide variety of emergency medical response options in the heart of New York City. They needed a way to distinguish themselves from other emergency medical service providers, and decided a new website centered on a robust spokesperson- and testimonial-based medical video would be the best way to help attract patients in their greatest time of need.


The Park Lenox video would be shot on location using actual Park Lenox Emergency Medicine doctors discussing what sets their practice apart: high quality, personalized care along with the efficiency required in a high-demand part of health care. Additionally, two patients would offer their testimonials on their experience with Park Lenox Emergency Medicine, offering a personalized touch to the video outreach. A new website would be built featuring the video, with additional content describing the services and facilities at Park Lenox in further detail.


DDA worked with Park Lenox to establish a plan for the shoot and the ideal way to convey the messages of high quality, personalized, and professional medical care. DDA shot on location, including external shots of the facilities with Park Lenox emergency vehicles passing by, unloading of a patient from a Park Lenox ambulence, entry of a patient into the facilities on a gurney, panning shots of the main floor, and additional medium shots of health care providers and suites, which are especially well appointed. The video is framed with and introduction and conclusion from Dr. Robert Femia, the chairman of the department of emergency medicine, with additional comments from Dr. Tamara Kuttinen. The video also includes testimonials from the experience of Rabbi Joseph Potasnik during his visit to Park Lenox after taking a fall on the ice. He describes receiving immediate and professional service. Another patient testimonial is provided by Dolly Hill, who commended her attending physician, remarked about getting multiple check ins to ensure her pain from her broken foot was well-controlled, and even seeing and X-ray while being given detailed information about the break and what she could expect from recouperation. Dr. Robert Femia concludes the video by focusing on how Park Lenox doctors transcend diagnosis and treatment to provide a higher level of attention and compassion, and the video concludes with the logo next to the Park Lenox tagline: Improving Health. Saving Lives. Serving Others.™

DDA created a custom designed website centering upon the new medical services video. The website features an attractive layout with bold yet soothing colors suitable for a top tier professional medical organization, along with a wealth of information about Park Lenox's facilities and medical services. The website becomes the ideal way to broadcast the new medical services video to an online audience.



The video uses detailed panning shots of the gorgeous facilities at Park Lenox Emergency Medicine with doctor and patient testimonials interwoven to communicate to viewers that Park Lenox offers a higher level of care by not only focusing on a professional delivery of health care, but also a personalized level of attention. The new custom-designed Park Lenox website helps ensure that future patients can find out more about Park Lenox and view the new video to get a sense of what makes its emergency medical services stand out. The video is a powerful testament to what medical organizations can do to distinguish themselves and thus ensure that their future patients know to whom they will turn when they are in their greatest need.