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Case Study: Keystone Natural Water Graphic Design, Photography, and Advertising Copywriting – 1998

A combination of professional digital photography, custom graphic design, and original copywriting made for award winning marketing materials.




Keystone Natural Water was looking to rebrand their corporate identity with a new marketing project. Their bottled water needed a new image and slogan to promote to a broader audience. Not only did Keystone want to advertise in various print media, but they were looking for another way to reach customers on a larger scale.


Dynamic Digital Advertising was chosen to design and develop print marketing materials for Keystone’s new ad campaign. DDA would provide graphic design and copywriting services to produce print materials for both trade publications and outdoor advertising. Both projects would feature Keystone Natural Water’s water cooler systems and related marketing messages.


With an in-house professional digital photography studio, DDA photographers captured various models representing Keystone customers using the water cooler systems. Then, DDA copywriters added related marketing messages, including “Drink It for Health, Drink It for Life” to the large format graphics for an outdoor advertising campaign that graced billboards and the fleet of Keystone Natural Water delivery trucks.



Not only were the print materials created for Keystone Natural Water used in their new marketing campaign, in 1998, the new Keystone truck design and marketing slogan was given the honor of "Truck of the Year" by the National Bottled Water Association.