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Case Study: Dentronix Print Marketing Materials – 1996

The use of digital photography across marketing materials results in one cohesive print marketing campaign.




Dentronix follows the latest regulations and techniques when manufacturing orthodontic products. By providing systems for cleaning, sterilizing, and maintaining pliers and other instruments, Dentronix contributes to the proper orthodontic treatment of patients nationwide. With a new line of medical autoclaves on the market, Dentronix needed an effective method of advertising. They wanted unique marketing pieces that not only attract attention, but that inform the reader and entice them to learn more about the products.


As a leader in marketing and advertising across industries, including medical products and services, Dynamic Digital Advertising was ready to help Dentronix develop memorable marketing materials that would showcase their new products in a new way. DDA graphic designers would work with the client to conceive a variety of print pieces that would leave readers wanting more. DDA would provide graphic design and digital photography services for a brochure, direct mail piece, and trade ads for Dentronix, all featuring the quality products and exceptional services one can expect from the company.


Digital photography was utilized in many of Dentronix’s print materials. Photo manipulation helped to highlight certain aspects of the featured products. Whether it was close-up images of pliers or cleaning products, the focus of the print materials was clear. For one of the brochures, DDA used an image that captured the message Dentronix wanted to convey and manipulated the image to include the products being advertised. Headers and content were added to inform the reader about these products. The direct mail newsletter that DDA designed included even more information on Dentronix products and services, making it a useful tool in marketing in more detail. By incorporating a discount code to the printed trade ad, not only can customers learn about the cleaning solution and ultrasonic unit Dentronix released, but they now have an incentive to find out more.



Through the use of professional design and photo manipulation, these print materials leave customers with a comprehensive understanding of who Dentronix is and what the company has to offer those in need of their products.