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Case Study: Harbor Linen Print Design –1999

Commercial digital photography can bring about the feeling of comfort for those far from home.




From hospitality to healthcare, Harbor Linen manufactures and distributes high quality linens to make everyone feel at home. For their print materials, Harbor Linen wanted this calm feeling of home to radiate from the page. They not only wanted to promote their products, they wanted to promote well-being.


Dynamic Digital Advertising would provide Harbor Linen with professional digital photography and graphic design services to produce a product catalog and brochure. With a digital photography studio in-house, DDA photographers and graphic designers could work together to create marketing materials that truly showed Harbor Linen’s products in the right light. The brochure and catalog would launch around the start of a new millennium, so Harbor Linen wanted their products to be as memorable as the occasion. The catalog needed to include all products organized with information that was easy to read and understand. The brochure needed to feature Harbor Linen products in a more concise design that attracted attention and inspired customers to learn more.


Commercial digital photography is part technical capability and part artistic aesthetics. This product composition shot of Harbor Linen products has both. First, DDA digital photographers captured the comfort and elegance of Harbor Linen products through high resolution photographs. Both product and model photography was shot by DDA and the layout, graphics, typography, and artwork for the product catalog and brochure was designed and printed by DDA as well. The catalog consisted of 36 product pages displayed in soft colors and eye-pleasing graphic design.



By combining high resolution photography with an easy-to-read format, the marketing materials produced for Harbor Linen could elicit comfort in any customer. Now guests of major hotels and patients in hospitals throughout the US can enjoy products bought from this Harbor Linen product brochure or catalog and feel right at home.