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Case Study: Sensis Condoms Website and Video Platform – 2009

Sensis Condoms raises eyebrows with a breakthrough product and innovative website design by DDA.


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Introducing a new product to the market requires an arsenal of thoughtful and audience-appropriate marketing materials that effectively entice and motivate target audiences to pay attention and buy. In 2009, Grove Medical, a manufacturer of medical devices and products, faced this monumental challenge during the introduction of the Sensis Condom. Featuring two disposable tabs that ensure proper orientation and fumble-free application, the product certainly possessed many benefits over other brands, but the challenge remained: how would they spread the word? DDA offered a solution with the development of a website, video demo, and social networking platform that captured the quirkiness and sexiness of the brand, market, and audience.


In development of the Sensis website, DDA aimed not only to inform, but entertain with an online environment infused with a number of interactive elements, including Flash® animation, quizzes, and a social networking platform where site visitors could interact with the brand and each other.


With an established logo design and package design, Sensis Condoms had the buds of a brand identity and DDA was tasked with the responsibility of complementing and enhancing this established motif. Drawing inspiration from Sensis packaging, DDA developed a sexy site, featuring suggestive shapes and nude coloration to create an environment of subtle intimacy. Upon visiting the site, viewers are presented with a stylized 2D animation of couples in an embrace. This same aesthetic is carried throughout the site and is featured in three Flash® animations that explain the benefits of the condom from the straight male, straight female, and gay male perspectives.  The distinguishing features of the condom are mapped out for the user in a technical animation illustrated and brought to life by DDA’s in-house team of graphic artists and animators. To spark interest, create a sense of community, and drive traffic, DDA also custom-programmed a social networking platform where visitors review videos and submit clips of their own in a highly stylized and easy to use online environment. Additional site features, including a “request a sample” form, sex quiz, and screensaver, encourages viewer participation and brand awareness. Behind the scenes, a robust administrative area gives Grove Medical the ability to manage requests for samples, approve and review viewer video submissions, and start and stop user contests.



The Sensis website and its many features required the coordinated effort of all DDA departments. From custom animations to a head-turning website design and interactive features, all aspects of production were handled seamlessly in-house for a production process that was consistent and efficient. In the end, the final product was one that met and exceeded expectations, successfully informing and entertaining Sensis’s audience while strengthening a new brand identity.