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Case Study: IMAC Systems Related Projects – 2013

IMAC Systems launches several new products with exceptional printed materials and a new 3D product animation courtesy of DDA.


View the IMAC VLP 3D Animation


IMAC Systems had introduced three new products into their line that they needed to introduce to the public. The Eliminator filter series is a high-quality, American-made filter design that can be utilized for a variety of industrial applications. The THERMCAT is a unique gas-fired catalytic converter that utilizes infrared technology to apply a flameless, safe, and uniform heat that is easily directed. Lastly, the IMAC VLP® (Vent Line Protector) is an original fixture that protects vent lines in emergency flooding situations. Once the waters recede, the VLP opens up the vent lines once again, allowing normal operation of the natural gas-fired central heat and other applications, some of which can be lifesaving for those left behind in the aftermath of natural emergency situations.


DDA would create print pieces to introduce all three of the new IMAC products. A four page full color brochure would be produced to introduce the THERMCAT; a sell sheet would be produced to introduce the Eliminator filter series; and two different sell sheets would be created to introduce the VLP. Additionally, DDA would create a short 3D animation to demonstrate the mechanics of action of the VLP.


DDA gathered thorough information on all the IMAC products to be featured in the print pieces and wrote crisp, professional marketing copy for each. The client supplied a 3D model of the VLP that was then optimized for both print and the online 3D animation by DDA’s experienced 3D specialists. A cross-section of the 3D model demonstrated the opening and closing mechanics of the floating valve stopper in the VLP, with an image of this cutaway being featured in the single-sided VLP sell sheet. This sell sheet also included a dramatic image of a house seemingly being taken over by massive flood conditions, with copy reassuring the reader that the VLP can provide some peace of mind in even the direst of circumstances. The double-sided VLP sell sheet went into even further detail about the high-quality design and manufacture of the device. DDA integrated Quick Response (QR) codes onto both, allowing mobile device equipped readers to quickly link to the 3D VLP animation integrated on the IMAC Systems website. 

DDA assembled the sell sheet for the IMAC Eliminator Filter series with a clean, yet elegant design. The layout kept the focus on the features and applications of the device, and a large image of the device disassembled allowed the reader to see the quality craftsmanship of the Eliminator Filter series in detail. For the THERMCAT four-page color brochure, DDA's professional photographers shot four variants of the device for use in the final printed piece. DDA also created a highly detailed, digital technical illustration which showed a cutaway view of one of the THERMCAT designs with captions indicating where each part of the device was located. The brochure featured an extensive list of statistics on the capabilities and shipping weights of all the various configurations of the THERMCAT catalytic heaters to make the selection process as simple as possible. The safety and technical advantages of the THERMCAT's infrared heating technology were emphasized throughout the marketing copy.



The final print pieces effectively convey IMAC Systems’ commitment to excellence in design and manufacture, and the clean layouts combined with dramatic images help hold attention, without distracting the reader from important content found in each. The bold design of the VLP single-sided sell sheet, coupled with the QR code linking to a dramatic online 3D animation found on both VLP sell sheets, helped to convey the importance of this innovative new product to anyone interested in protecting their residence, commercial, or public building.