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Case Study: Tinius Olsen, Inc. Website – 2008

Search for the precise machine you need with the selector tool DDA programmed for this website design.




When Tinius Olsen was ready to redevelop the company’s website, the organization turned to Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) as they had done in the past. This was to be the third website DDA would develop for Tinius Olsen over a long-term working relationship. The challenge went beyond updating the look of the website to providing an engaging, interactive website that would significantly improve and enhance the marketing efforts of Tinius Olsen’s products for a quick return on investment.


Tinius Olsen’s existing site was successful in obtaining significant first-page and first-place rankings on major search engines for terms related to their industry. So, it was imperative to retain the search engine optimization strategies and content already in place and integrate them into the new site in such a way that the rankings would only continue to grow. The goals of the new website were not just to create the next generation Tinius Olsen website, but to make a significant leap forward in presentation of the product, the organic search engine results, the overall user experience, the post-launch metrics, measuring the impact of Pay-Per-Click Advertising versus organic search marketing, the overall aesthetic appeal, and the national and global positioning of Tinius Olsen as a pioneer and innovator of material testing equipment.


Each site DDA designed for Tinius Olsen, including the new website, was built on an aggressive and very successful search marketing platform that is the central component to their worldwide marketing strategy. DDA programmed a custom product selector tool for the new website that allows users to search by industry, product, or type of test in order to arrive at the product most appropriate to their material, application, and specifications. The product presentation adds motion and interest to what was previously a static product choice gallery. DDA developed conversion mechanisms to drive calls-to-action for visitors and tracking codes that allow Tinius Olsen website administrators to determine the number of visitors generated through organic searches versus those generated through Pay-Per-Click advertising. DDA developed the new website with a product-centric user experience that organizes each product category into complete modules that include product photography, specification sheets, featured capabilities, material and application information, and more.



With the tracking codes DDA implemented, Tinius Olsen is able to realize the actual benefit of their Internet marketing efforts and allocate their future budgets accordingly. With the comprehensive and ongoing set of reporting and analysis tools DDA put in place, Tinius Olsen is able to make educated decisions on growing site usage, improving user experience, and increasing the reach of information. The website has helped Tinius Olsen dominate the material testing equipment marketplace.