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Case Study: Fox Venturi Products Website – 2017

DDA develops a colorful new custom responsive website for Fox Venturi Products with big, bold calls to action that entice leads to convert quickly into customers.


Fox Venturi Products Website


Fox Venturi Products was referred to DDAby Students 2 Science for its outstanding website design and development work. The company specializing in manufacturing eductors for pneumatic conveying, air and gas ejecting, liquid eduction, flow controls, and other industrial applications. The technology was little known, but often boasted substantial advantages over the alternatives. While its existing website and substantial and useful information, its look, navigation, and customer contact features were quite dated with low user experience value. Furthermore, the website was not optimized for smartphones and other small mobile devices, so the SEO value its content commanded would increasingly be demerited by search engine algorithms over time. Fox needed to present a fresh face to the world, and improve the process by which leads converted to clients.


DDA designed a new responsive website with a crisp, professional aesthetic that kept the focus where it belongs: on the content. The website was built on a fully comprehensive Content Management System (CMS) that allows the client to add and change content and even adjust the menu systems to ensure navigation corresponded to content additions. The homepage includes scrolling image presentations showing preview thumbnails of the company’s six major product lines. Large, colorful semi-technical illustrations of its product lines drop down from the product menu upon rollover. Users can search for specific content with a dedicated site search, or use the customized navigation to go between each of the major website subsections. Introductions, Frequently Asked Questions, and Case Studies are highlighted in the product menu for fast, uncluttered usability.


The Fox website includes multiple methods to facilitate client communications, while also protecting information from getting into competitors’ hands. The Case Studies request system, found in three separate product silos, allows clients to request documents of Fox’s previous work with the input of specific contact information. An IP blocker directs visitors from certain countries directly to false Under Construction page to ensure that they do not access any information that they may likely use to reverse engineer Fox’s products. Fox can add to and change the list of blocked countries at any time.

A dynamic Product Literature Request feature allows website visitors the ability to download up to three documents a day in an automated process. Users receive a link to go to a download page, which allows them to save the individual PDFs, while not exposing those files to Google indexing. The 15 application data sheets used to help Fox quote the development of new custom solutions were all converted to interactive online forms to automate the process and mandate specific contact information sharing for successful submission of quote request. Finally, prominent buttons to allow clients to ask a question or request a quote for a new or existing Fox product are integrated on the top and side menus throughout the site.

The new Fox responsive website design with powerful administrative and interactive features puts a crisp, modern aesthetic onto comprehensive and detailed information on innovative custom-designed industrial products that offer serious improvements to manufacturing processes. The newly automated processes for client interactions ease some of Fox’s labor burdens while also ensuring that the information required to process quotes is actually supplied with customer requests.



The client response was enthusiastic. "Terrific. FYI - Rob and I are always pleased with the timeliness, thoroughness, and courtesy of all interactions with DDA during this process. This has not been my previous experience on similar projects. Nice change! Thanks."