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Case Study: Precision Flamecutting and Steel Responsive SEO Website

The new Precision Flamecutting and Steel responsive SEO website by DDA helps these steel fabricators reach a larger online market.


Precision Flamecutting and Steel Responsive SEO Website


Precision Flamecutting and Steel offers a variety of ever-expanding value-added services for steel fabrication, and as its production capabilities modernized, the company wanted a website that reflect that commitment to sustained growth and progress. Their previous web developer had run out of ideas about how to improve the website presentation and marketing impact, so they turned to the search engine marketing experts at DDA to find a way to capture their company's essense and bring the message to a wider online audience.


During initial consultations it became clear that while some of the basic marketing themes of the old website were relevant, the site content would need to be expanded with a more serious SEO effort in order to compete effectively for online traffic. Likewise, with over half of all web searches coming from smartphones, it was crucial to build the website upon a responsive design that would automatically adapt to any device, browser, and screen size for the optimal presentation. Responsive web design is not only useful to end users; it is also necessary to ensure competitive ranking on Google for those searching from smartphones, as smartphone Google users are presented a dedicated index just for small mobile devices, and sites are penalized if their websites aren't mobile friendly. Finally, the graphic design of the website would need to be completely redone to project an image of the company that reflects the quality of its value-added steel fabrication services to all visitors.


DDA worked with the client to identify important terms Precision Flamecutting and Steel customers would use to find the company, then its own SEO experts conducted its own keyword research to find the best ways to attract attention from search engines. Keywords were planned out per page, and over a dozen new pages were written by DDA's professional SEO copywriters that described all the services available at Precision Flamecutting and Steel and all the ways in which the company stood apart as exceptional among steel fabricators in delivering high quality and value with every project. DDA's professional web designers created the customized responsive design to be clean, bold, and modern, able to quickly communicate the dedication and professionalism that the company's customers benefit from with every project.

The website includes unit conversion calculators that many in the industry find beneficial when planning projects requiring custom steel fabrication. The website has dedicated pages on each of its major services, pieces of equipment, and held inventory, plus a FAQ page and a contact page to help facilitate new lead conversions through the website. DDA also added drone video trailers to the homepage along with other large imagery to tell the Precision Flamecutting and Steel story powerfully and succinctly, with a longer trailer accessible from the top menu that introduces the company more broadly with compelling shots of the company at work on real projects.



The website has brought Precision Flamecutting and Steel into the modern era, and its new SEO content, search engine optimized structure, and responsive web design work together to make for the company's first real search engine marketing platform. The company is also enrolled in DDA's SureThing™ search engine marketing program, ensuring years of continuous improvement to come.